Updates on the RGV500



Just wanted to let you guys in on a few interesting moments I have had in the past few days.
Maybe it's true, maybe it does come in threes

1. I was in Melbourne last week and on Tuesday I was following this cop who was on a bike and I was also on my bike. The traffic lights changed to orange and he went through so I followed and I went through. I thought nothing of it until he pulled me over about 3 kms down the road for it. He gave me a ticket for going through the orange light. He claims that I was 150 meters behind him when they changed to orange and then I accelerated to make the lights. I totally disagreed with him in a very nice way but he was adamant that I accelerated through the lights and I was 150 meters behind him. Now If you apply the formula speed equals distance over time I would have had to accelerate from 70kmh instantaneously to just over 300kmh to make it across to the other side before they changed to red. I am not paying the fine and I will be sending a letter with so many calculations on it that they will send me a fuckin apology, fuckin revenue raising pigs.........

2. Was on my way in to work on my gixxer on the Thursday that just passed. I was travelling in the left lane and it is a 3 lane road. Some lady, in her 60's, pulls out from a street on the left, I try to find an exit but the middle lane was being taken up by a car merging in from the right lane, I had no room so I tried to squeeze between them. I hit the side of her car and bounced off it and did a commando roll down the road..... I remained calm, got to my feet and noticed the bike in the path of on coming cars, so I ran over and picked it up. I remained calm the whole time even laughing and making jokes with the cops and the ambulance driver, it was all OK I was alive you know. As I was standing there a car rolled by and the guy in it claims he saw the whole thing and gave me his business card, so I have a witness. I went over to the driver of the car and she claimed right off the bat it was my fault.  She said I was in the middle lane and I rode my bike into her car hahaha, what a joke.... I didn't bother with a rebuttal I just said I am calling the police and they can sort it out, which is what I did. They came and breathe tested me and took my statement and also took her statement, not sure what she said. So any way I am standing there with some people from work, as it was right around the corner from work, trying to figure out what I am going to do next. I moved the bike off the road and parked it. I borrowed a ladies car and went home to get my car and my trailer and as I was driving back to the scene, see point 3.....

3. Some dude thought it might have been OK or even funny to turn left from the middle lane. You see it is another 3 lane road and I was in the left lane with my car and this old dude in his 80's just turned left from the middle lane. I barley had time to hit the brakes and I smacked right into the side of his car. It is at the point that I snapped and lost my cool. I was screaming at no one and swearing my head off. Within 5 minutes there were 4 cops cars there a fire truck and 2 ambulances. I punched my car a few times out of disbelief that I had 2 accidents in 1 hour and both were not my fault. It is a populated area right along the beach so there were heaps of people everywhere. I had a witness come forward for that one as well, she was in the car right behind that old dude.

So I was in hospital for a few hours after all that and am badly bruised, but no blood lost, which is a bonus. Everything still hurts but I am still standing. I polished off a couple of bottles of very expensive vodka on Sat night which is real nice, very smooth....

Anyway I am alive just very frustrated at the moment, but trying to get things done. Just thought I would let you all in on what's been going on over the past week. I bought a lottery ticket for this Saturdays $21 million dollars.


As for the RGV stuff well I know I have not been updating my site, but there is some progress, the bike went well on that track day I mentioned below.  I just need a new rear shock I think that I should have changed it a long time ago, other than that it's all going well.



Over the weekend I have managed to reassemble my bike and make a few more mods to the bike.  Mainly I have re worked how the wiring is routed and fixed a few old joints while it was out.  Also I have remounted the fuel pump and the coils.  The coils are in pretty much the same place but the fuel pump is mounted just behind the head stock.  The makes it a bit neater and also provides more room under the tank.  I have 3 tracks days planned in the next couple of weeks.  I am headed out there this Sunday and Monday and next Saturday as well.  I think this is the first time that my power valves are working properly.  They have never really been working at either the right time in the rev range or they were either open or closed and not functioning.  I have yet to mount the CDI as I am waiting for some parts to be modified and then I will install it and do back to back runs with a power map and we will see how much of a difference this Wolf 3D CDI will have made.  I will post a report in the next couple of weeks on how the bike is running and might also have some on bike video as well....



Once again I will be missing this years MotoGP and a chance to show off the bike a little.  The frame now sits on my garage waiting for my body to heal so I am able to work on it.  A couple of weeks ago on the 28th of August I was at a track day with my gixxer and I was running USA made Dunlop Qualifiers.  Nice tyres for the road but once you push the limits a bit on the track...well, read on.  It was a race school and it was fun with proper lap times and all that sort of stuff.  There were about 13 or so people in A group and the 1st session was slippery.  I checked my tyre temp with the tyre warmers on and they were out so I set the front to 35 and the rear to 34psi.  2nd session was great, heaps of fun and it was a race mainly against myself, every lap I dropped my times.  3rd session was interesting, we had B and C group standing on the inside of turn 2 a double apex lefty.  4th Lap I passed my mate on the exit of 1 at 210kmh and a right hand turn 4.....bit too much gas over a slight crest and I high sided the bike at roughly 160kmh.  I was flung in to the air over the bars and landed flat on my back and crack my head a little.  Slid the rest of the way on my stomach facing the oncoming bikes over the crest.  I couldn't see them coming, but I could sure hear them.  My mate Emmanuel stopped as quick as he could and was waving people down.  I couldn't move for a bit so about half a minute later I managed to get to the grass and I lay there laughing a little and wondering if I could get back out there.  After a couple of minutes I got to my feet and hopped into the ambulance and went to the on track medical centre and was checked out.  Besides a very sore foot and aching back, everything seemed OK.  Later that night I checked myself into hospital to get x-rays on my foot and my back as maybe there might have been a hairline fracture somewhere.  So that is the main reason I have not worked on my bike for the past couple of weeks.  When I get back from the MotoGP I will get it done and have it on the track ready for more testing with the new Wold 3D CDI.  I can't wait.



I can't believe it is May already.  I am sorry for being a bit slack on the progress of the bike but many things have happened since the Phillip Island trip.  I have added more to the story below as well.  I will try and roll up the year so far in a nut shell.

Back in January I did 3 ride days within 8 days.  One of which was the Level 2 Superbike School.  The first ride day was awesome as it was raining and I was shit scared taking the 500 out in the wet, my mate was on my SP1 and we had a ball.  We had a few races down the main straight.  Coming out of turn 12 we were both in second gear and looked at each other and a quick nod of the head signalled the insanity of the straight line race to the first corner in the wet, keep in mind that this is a well over 200kmh corner in the dry, so was a bit hairy.  The RGV on the first run was a bit too sideways when the throttle was given a fist full of gas.  Lost that run, but the other 4 that session I was either equal or in front by about 3 or 4 bike lengths depending on the amount of wheels spin.  I don't think we got a dry session that day.  The was some sideways action on both bikes which was fun and scary all rolled into a few arse clenching moments.  I have to say the best moments of the day were the few brave souls in pit lane watching my mate and I come down the main straight on full throttle in what seemed to be monsoonal like rain, must have sounded awesome a big v-twin and crisp 500 2-stroke 4 banger. 


A few days later I was at another track day by myself.  I signed up for this session last minute as I knew, the man, Keith Code was going to be there as the next day was the Superbike School.  He noticed the 500 and came up to say hello with Steve Brouggy.  We had a quick chat whilst warming up the bike to hit the track.  This day was also raining but not as bad as the previous track day, although having said that the second half of the day was great, blue sky and a dry and warming track.  The fun was just about to start with those 1000 4-stroke heroes.  By no means am I at god like speeds around the track but I can hold my own, especially when there is a 4-stroke for lunch  hahaha.  So there I am on the 500 no one in sight....no wait there was a ZX-10 sight, so I gassed it and stayed behind him for a couple of laps the then got closer and closer to the point that he was not concentrating on the next corner, he was starting to try and get a glimpse of what was behind him.  I think he was nervous for some reason, don't know why.  I passed him on turn 10,11 and then was clear into the final corner, turn 12, and then didn't see him down the straight.  Was a great feeling for sure.  That was the highlight of the day.  The last session of the day was an experiment for me which worked out well, it was time I decided to get my knee all the way to the ground.  By the second lap the left and right knee were on the deck pretty much every corner.  I have had my knee down previously but not like this session, was a great feeling.  Can't wait for that again.


The Superbike School is where the trouble started.  Left for the track at about 7.30am to make it there on time with some time to unpack, it was raining again.  4kms from home with the RGV on the trailer, I noticed that there was what seemed to be smoke coming from the RGV, I dismissed it as rain mist.  Then whilst stopped at the traffic lights I noticed that it was smoke and the RGV was on fire.  I can't describe what I felt seeing that so I won't try.  Pulled over as soon as I could and doused the bike with a bottle of water I had in the car and it finally stopped.  There were flames and all, under the tank, right under the fuel hose.  I shit myself, didn't know what the hell was going on.  No time to think,  drove back home and picked up the SP1.  Loading a bike is not the easiest thing when you are alone but to unload and then reload a bike in the rain  in a hurry is not a good thing.  Got the the track late and then missed my first class and the first track session.  I then had a one on one with Keith Code which was great and he taught me a lot in that one class.  Was raining all day and then they were thinking of cancelling the sessions and classes.  Can the day get any better.....  Second last session of the day it was wet but not raining and I was entering turn 9, right hand hair pin.  Just as the bike was leaving the turn and was upright the rear tyre hit a puddle of water mixed with some mud.  The rear end swung out left then right then left then...well you get the idea, was over in a heartbeat, or lack thereof.  I ended up in the grass, but the bike was still upright somehow I managed to save it.  The marshal at the next flag point saw all this, I gave him the thumbs up and got back into my rhythm.  My instructor came up to me later that session and said that I look really comfortable on the bike and that I was a natural, I laughed and thought he was pulling my leg and mentioned what happened at turn 9, he laughed but he didn't see that.  He also said that he would be interesting to see me ride in the dry.  The next session the gods were smiling on us as there was blue skies and and the track was 90% dry.   I was on track for the last session minding my own business and practicing what was taught through out the day and my instructor flies by and gives me a hand signal to follow him.  I did just that, ever corner he looked back I was right there next to him.  I didn't give him an inch.  The next lap the heat was turned up and the pace was set.  Every corner I was learning something, it was great and the pace was high.  I didn't want my knees touching the tarmac as I was wearing my wet weather gear and it would have torn right through it straight away.  We got back to the pits and my instructor came up to me with a massive grin much the same as my own and we both agreed that was fuckin awesome, he added that it should not have been done and that we lapped everyone.  He said that if I keep riding like that I would be on race pace, albeit at the back of the field though.  Awesome day.


About a month after the above track days the RGV was repaired after the flames had eaten the wiring loom in some points, and loaded her on the trailer once again and was on my way 3 hours north to visit my mate Glenn at his auto body shop.  He has an RGV500 as well and he is a painter.  He painted the bike for me in that Jet Black.  Remember previously when I said the RGV caught fire at a set of traffic light, well I am sitting in the car looking through the mirror and, yeah you guessed it, there was smoke again.  For the second time at the same point in my journey the RGV caught fire.  How does anyone describe that feeling, I mean really.  It just isn't funny anymore.  Put it out and pulled over and took the tank off.  This time I notice what the cause was and why the fuse didn't blow last time and this time as well.   The was a little cut in the red wire directly hooked up to the battery, so it was shorting out with no way of blowing the fuse.  Great ! *said with massive amounts of sarcasm*  Put it all together and drove the 3 hours and got to my mates place where we were deciding on side fairing for the bike and what to do, about 2 or so hours into the conversation he noticed a crack in the front left engine mount.  Wow this day is turning out great I thought. It wasn't over.  I thought OK no worries I can replace that bit and make a cage or sub-frame for engine.  Then a few minutes had passed of swearing and disappointment when my luck changed.  It got worse.  There was a massive crack in the weld of the lower rear engine mount.  I packed my stuff and tool the bike home.  I left the bike in the shed for about 2 months.  I finally got the motivation I was looking for and stripped the bike completely and prepped it for welding and sand blasting.  Currently the bike is sitting in some guys workshop hopefully about to be sand blasted and welded and a few lugs added here and there for fairing and mounts for electrical hardware.  Check out my frame and electrical pages for pictures.  So that's it folks, that's where it all sits at this point.  I will try and update this site more regularly from now on.  I just lacked the motivation as I am sure you understand why.....



I am back from Philip Island.  Unfortunately I did not take the RGV500 down with me.  I am so disappointed with that.  I really wanted to ride and show off my bike.  But I came to the conclusion at 1am, 4 hours before I was supposed to wake up and ride 800kms south, that this just isn't going to happen.  I wanted to fix the power valves and the float height and a number of smaller things.  I simply ran out of time and I pulled the plug on the whole thing at 1am and got some sleep.  I took the SP1 down with me instead.  It was a great time that's for sure.

We left Sydney at about 8am and that was late by my standards I wanted to leave earlier but I guess we should have planned better.  We we equipped with these flimsy arse little 2 way UHF radios, so we can talk to each other on the way down.  There were 4 of us. Myself on the SP1, Nick on his R1, Alexi on his CBR954 Erion racing rep, and Jimmy on his 04 CBR600.  The radios were shithouse, they did work but not very well at all.  Nick lost his radio which was clipped to his belt haha.  They were $100 for 4 so it didn't bother me at all.  The first leg was about 800kms or so.  The road we took was the Old Princess Hwy and it follows the coast line down to Orbost, which is where we stayed for the night.  The quickest corner was 220kmh, Nick and I were just gassing it hard and we spoke about that corner for ages afterwards.  We still talk about that corner even now.  It was a lefty, never ending open twisty.  There were only a few straights that we did a few top speed runs.  The SP1 and the R1, head to head.  My clock showed 289 but as you know most sport bikes are a little out with their readouts.  As you can imagine there were that many corners and that many close calls I can't really remember all of them.  The funniest was the second leg, the final leg on towards Philip Island.  Alexi and I were in the lead and we were making our way around another lefty and as we rounded that curve, much to our horror, was a massive fuckin Emu standing in the middle of the road.  This big ass bird didn't know what was going on.  I think it was more stunned than us it just stood there and I was breaking left and Alexi was breaking right at the last moment it started to run.  The only problem with that is that its feet were moving really fast but it wasn't going anyway  hahaha.  And then all of a sudden it shot right in front of me and ran into the bushes, literally.  It kept running even though it was caught in some bushes and little trees.  Was a close call, funny too.  We finally arrived at Orbost at about 8.30pm just when it started to storm and rain.  The only place open was the local 'club'.  By 'club' I mean place when oldies go and waste their money on the poker machines.  Food was....ahem, funny tasting but not so bad.

The next morning we set our sights on Philip Island and off we went.  We all knew that there will be police patrolling the roads looking for speeding bikers.  Did we care, yes, I have to say yes as we didn't speed for the first 50kms and then the pace starting to get higher and higher and off we went again.  Roads are awesome down that way.  We caught up to another group of bikes.  They were really on the gas, Nick and I started to follow them and before you know it were at 50 clicks north of The Island.  The whole journey down we only saw 2 cops, not bad I think.  

The ride back to Sydney was an experience in itself.  17 hours of arse numbing highway, proper highway.  The roads are boring.  Poor Jimmy got a busted tyre twice in one go.  Lucky I bought a puncture repair kit and I foxed those wholes but the pressure was low.  The tyre was completely flat and I used little gas filled bulbs to reinflate.  The town ahead was only 5 kms away.  We rocked up to this one horse town and I tell ya it reminded me of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Got out of there quick smart and back on the road we go.  It started to get dark when we hit Albury which is the border on which New South Wales and Victoria share.  It started to get real cold and there was a storm brewing.  We tried to stay ahead of it.  No luck there, the storm caught us and we were in the middle of it at about 8pm.  We stopped and what seemed to be some hick town with one fuel station.  We had a 12inch Subway roll each which was much needed and then headed back out.  By about  11pm it was raining ever so slightly but just enough to piss you off and make you that little bit more cold.  At the next fuel stop I bought a beanie, not sure what you foreigners call them though, and cut the top off and used it as a neck warmer.  It worked a treat.  2am couldn't not have rolled around any quicker as we were almost home, by about 3am I was under a steaming hot shower trying to feel for a pulse and make sure that I was alive.  The moral of the story boys and girls is, I am so doing that again next time around.  I had an awesome time.  Hopefully by October the RGV might be ready.  Read the latest updates to find out why......



I spent all weekend cleaning my two bikes, the RGV obviously along with the SP1.  I forgot the wheels on both bikes were gloss black haha.  The SP1 a few months ago was carelessly damaged by a painter with his roller.  I was parked outside a building that was going to be painted that day (which I didn't know) and when I returned at the end of the day, I found the bike covered in a fair amount of what seemed to be overspray.  I asked my lawyer to send a letter of demand for the damages to get the paint cleaned off the bike, but I had heard nothing back in a few weeks of trying.  I got sick of it on the weekend and cleaned the fucker myself.  The SP1 looks very shinny and new when cleaned up nicely.  As for the RGV, well, it looks like a million bucks.  In my eyes anyway.  It was cleaned from top to bottom.  Everything copped a wash and then a polish.  The paint has come up real well as does the powder coated frame and rims.  I still have to make some minor modifications to the float height in the left as it is still leaking a fair amount of fuel out of the bowls.  At the moment it is set to 18mm, will try 16mm and see how we go.  I had a dyno run booked for the weekend but I didn't go as the exhaust controller I needed didn't turn up.  Mine doesn't seem to be working at the moment and I was hoping to borrow one off a mate, but they were sold.  No matter, I won't be riding past 8,000rpm much anyway.  I will be sending my Adjustable SAEC back to Mark Dent for testing.  This Thursday I will be riding the RGV south 1100kms to Philip Island to watch the MotoGP.  Awesome stuff, can't wait !  Big write up on my return.  Stay tuned.....



I went to the dyno today.  Was a good day, as the bike showed great potential and will most likely hit the 130hp mark soon.  You can from the latest graph the best switching point for the PV's to kick in would be 8100rpm.  My PV's were not closing at any point.  I tested this by applying 12v to the actuator and they were trying to spin closed but they were restricted somehow.  In the end it was the bolts holding in the PV's, were too tight!  I loosened them off and applying 12v to the Pink and Grey wires of the Actuator made them turn either way freely.  So they turn freely when power is applied, great!  Connecting this all back up and running the bike again on the dyno and nothing, they weren't turning again.  I know they spin freely so it must be that the trigger point from the Exhaust Controller was not being sent.  I have an Adjustable PV Controller.  It has a dial on it and I can set where I want toe exhausts to flip closed.  I set it to 6000rpm and tested it again, nothing.  I used the little trim pot on the back of the adjustable unit and turned it all the way one way and then all the way the other way, nothing!  I then checked if the Actuator was getting the signal to spin the PV's from the Controller.   The way I tested this was again using the Pink and Grey wires from the Controller now and seeing if the voltage increased when past 6000rpm which I set earlier.  I am not getting the signal I was looking for.  I have a mate sending me a spare standard Exhaust Controller and I will see how that turns out and I will know if it is my Adjustable Controller or if it is not getting the signal further down the chain.   The highest output from the day was 127hp, with out tuning as you can see it is running a bit lean.  But the graph above shows 96hp and then 125hp, very nice.  Since the last 124hp (tuned) run I have added straight cut gears and have advanced the timing 5 degrees.  More to come.......  I have another dyno run booked in 2 weeks, awesome, can't wait !!!



MotoGP is on the 16th of October.  I have given myself a deadline to get the bike new race fairing and LED lights all round and have it painted by the weekend before MotoGP.   Race glass has been ordered and is currently being made by Mirage out in Perth.  That will be modified once it gets here to fit around the exhausts and the carbs with as small as I can get  air filters.  High intensity LED's have also been ordered for a custom setup that will either look awesome, or will wreak of stupidity.  Only time will tell on that one and I hope it looks good when finished.   The colour I have decided will be as deep and as dark and as shinny as I can get black.  I am also thinking of a pearl colour as well, let me explain.  It to will also be black but with a hint or deep red pearl.  The only place I am thinking of applying this paint will be where the stickers normally go.  Picture this, the Suzuki sticker on the tank will not be there, but instead be painted on in a black with pearl red.  I hope that made sense.  Also the RGV symbol on the side as well.  This will come into effect when the sun hits it directly and will look great, hopefully.  Also coming from the UK is a set of straight cut gears courtesy of Mark Dent.  This will be installed before the next scheduled dyno tune.  I am hoping that the deadline is met so I can ride the beast down to Phillip Island for the races.  If it ain't met then I will have to stick the old fairing on take it down as is.  The 3D Wolf CDI is on order and is currently being made as part of a batch order.  When that arrives there will be another dyno session and hopefully the power will be unleashed.  I know the next big step is to get exhausts made specifically for my tune.



Hi All,

I have to report my progress on my 500, because I want to share my elation and utter glee with you all. Oh what a glorious day.

FFAAAAAAARRRRKKK!!!! pretty much says it all...

The bike is warming up, gloves are being strapped on, bike is idling nicely. A minute later, silence.... bike conks outs, I didn't rev it while it was warming up. OK bump start and the bitch fires up, smoking to life. The noise alone brings back memories of past indiscretions of the road rules and just knowing how hard you try, you always revert back to old habits of flying past drivers with their windows wound down so you can scare the fuckin bejesus out of them. Off the to petrol station we go, my mate is riding my SP-1. It's weird seeing your bike next to you while riding. Nothing much is happening on the way to the highway, neutral is easy to find and the gears are awesome with the NOVA box. Down the on ramp and my mate gives it some stick and I am up his arse, with no hassle or complaint from the 500. Afterwards he says I wasn't expecting you to be there hahaha, ya OK sure... Through the toll gates without paying, as you do, and we head to the nearest fuel stop to check the level of rocket fuel in the tank, pretty good. After about 30 or 40kms it was still about 3/4 full. Entering the highway I say to my mate, lets give it a squirt, so we go side by side and we open the throttle at the same time and as soon as it came on song, the bike urged forward with such urgency, some would compare it with a cat and a precariously placed firecracker. Mirrors filled with red and black Honda, haha yeah muther fucker yeah, take that shit... Awesome stuff.

We reach our destination, being Australian Autographs something or other, anyway Mick Doohan and Wayne Gardner were making an appearance and I knew there would be heaps of people there and what better place to stun on lookers with my "what the fuck is that" RGV-500. Sure enough, we rounded the last corner and there were about 40 or so people out the front waiting to enter the compound, they all heard the 500cc grass cutter screaming toward them and they all looked, they had no idea what was coming, we felt like rock stars. Parked the bikes across the road and with in a few seconds there were people asking questions, like "what the fuck is that" and "how does she go", I felt like I was giving an interview. After a few minutes checking out all the autographed pictures, helmets, boots and gloves from various riders over the years I became a bit concerned for my bike. So I rolled it into the compound and parked it. Check out the pictures, people love this thing, it's such a good feeling when people are not even approaching the bikes they had on show which included the new 05 gixxer and blade amongst others. I was talking to heaps of people and the editor or AMCN. One guy came up to me and said, yeah I have always wanted to do that but I have no motivations, I laughed and said "Oh well."

Mick climbed on stage at about 10am and proceeded to give an interview which sounded like every other interview he has ever done, but nevertheless it was interesting. When he finished, he was heading upstairs when I cornered him and asked "When was the last time you heard a 500", "Over a year ago" he replied. I quickly cut in before he was rushed upstairs for a intimate session with people that signed up for it, "I have a 500 out back for you", "Oh yeah, what is it", "It's an RG500 engine in a 250 chassis" and he said "Oh yeah that's good" I laughed as he walked off and I returned to the "what the fuck is that" bike. I started the beast and people stopped as the place was now filled with about 200 people, I sat there warming her up and took off in a blaze of glory, well a blaze/haze of smoke. The ride home was good, my mate jumped on the rgv and it was excellent watching your pride and joy being throttled so to speak, by someone other than yourself.

The bike runs well, but I think more can be had down low. Midrange is awesome and full throttle is good. I think it is dyno time and hopefully we can get it right, any suggestions for a good run or what equipment should be used during the dyno runs. At the moment the TMX carbs are set with 280MJ, 6EN11-56 P-3, 15 Pilot, 1-1/2 turn air screw, 6.0 Slide. I am running a fuel pump. Fuel consumption at a guess would be about 130kms to a tank.

Con 'took a sniff of the fume drenched air in the garage before I went to sleep' Psarros



Well the bike is back together and it is almost ready to be started.  I can't wait !!

The yokes came and they were beautiful, great stuff Martin.  Check out the Suspension page for pics.

I have decided to give the TMX carbies another try.  I have fitted the bike with all new NOVA gearbox and all related bits such as steel and friction plates (see Engine page for more details).  I am hoping that the problem I was having before has been dealt with, and all the gremlins that plagued my ability to ride this beast have been eradicated.  Time will tell.  Stay tuned.......



I had a little crash on the SP1 a couple of weeks ago.
I was riding through a driveway of an industrial block and I was heading toward a street, a busy 4 lane street, and I think I didn't roll off the throttle all the way, or it got stuck, I don't know for sure, but my front end was skidding and sliding toward the street when I hit the brakes and I crossed 4 lanes of traffic and I lost the front end right before the gutter and then I hit a big paper bark tree with my chest and the bike hit the gutter. I was travelling roughly at about 40-50kmh. For the first time I was not wearing any riding gear as I was just going out for petrol at about 4pm from work. I don't have any scratches at all on me but my ankle still hurts a bit and my chest and back hurt when I cough or sneeze and reach for things. I got up and only another guy on a bike stopped and checked me over and rolled the bike off the road. I then caught a taxi to the hospital and checked myself in and I was out of there in less than 2 hours. The bike is rooted, I had no insurance and the bike shop said roughly $8000 damage. I don't think I believe them completely. He said that the head tube was bent and the forks as well and the wheel. I will take the bike home and strip it myself and take it to a frame guy and see what they say. A bit of bad luck but I am alright, which is the main thing......

As for an RGV progress report, well that has stalled somewhat after the crash.  I am waiting on another carbie which will be here sometime this week hopefully and some o'rings for the new carbs setup.  It should all fit together nicely once all the parts have arrived I can start working.  I don't like to work when I know I don't have all the parts there, when I do have all the parts time seems to fly and the bike comes together much more quickly.    More updates soon.......



I have my NOVA Tranny and it is ready to take it's place.  I have many other bits as well for my beast.  I have an oil pump drive and neutral switch.  There are other bits as well sitting in my room, Dyna Coils, NGK Caps, Magnacore Wires and I will be testing out the Torque Master plugs.  I will also be trying to acquire some standard carbs to try out and see if I like them better than the TMX carbs on there at the moment.  It's just a pain in the arse to have to take oil with you everywhere you go and also fill the tank every 40-50kms(Thats in itself seems a bit odd, more testing required).  I will be testing my bike with the TMX carbs on it with the new electrical gear and see how I go performance wise, but if that is still a problem I will be borrowing a set of standard carbs to see how the bike reacts and see what the fuel economy is like.




Yesterday I went for my first legal street ride on my bike after 2 and a half years looking forward to this day, and yes it was awesome. It really does pick up some speed. It does suck some petrol though. OK here is how it went. Left my house with a handful of fuel in the tank and went to the servo to fill up (10 litres) of premix, with just over 200ml of Motul 800. The bike was running sweet and the power was instant and plentiful. I was going down an on ramp and through the gears and reached what seemed to be about 140kmh and then hit the brakes so as not the trigger those pesky speed cameras. I hit them hard and the back wheel decided to jump 2 feet in the air, gotta love them Hyabusa brakes. The bike was still smoky with between 50 and 60:1 premix. Went to a mates house and the bike was happy. Left my mates house, didn't touch the bike and it started to feel a bit lazy. It was hard to take off and would not rev right, it really felt like 3 cylinders or maybe even 2. Anyway so I was riding home and the bike just felt like it was choking or something, I mean it would rev to (not always) 11k but wouldn't be moving very quickly at all, was very weird.. Saw a guy on a old ZX7 and he wanted to race and I had none of it as the bike was sick. Damn!!

Got home and then hoped the problem would go away after the bike had time to rest and think how it was stressing me out!!

Took it for another ride, and was still having huge problems taking off, I had to rev the bike into the power band to take off. Once off the line it wasn't so bad under 7k but was still a bit iffy. At about the 25 mile mark on 10 litres of petrol it just happen to run out of fuel at the bottom of a 250 meter long 30 degree hill. At the top of the hill and 30 minutes of pushing and swearing later I reached salvation and there was a slight down hill and then another up hill, pushed the bike the rest of the way, about 300 meters to the petrol station. Was at the intersection and saw the same guy on the ZX7 again, miles from where we first met. I was pushing the bike across the intersection, helmet on top of the tank, alpine star jacket stretched across the seat. The jacket falls, I stop, pick up the jacket and continue on to petrol heaven. Gave the beast 13 litres of juice and was on my merry way. Bike was still running like a horse with 2 broken legs. Got to another mates house and decided to check a few things before sunset. I pulled the fairing and the tank. #3 carb was out of sync a little and so was #4, adjusted them. Checked the connections for the leads and coils and all that. Put the bike back together and noticed that the fuel coupling had its little fuckin rubber o'ring go on holiday, fuel pissing out everywhere. Cut the line to eliminate the coupling but was a little short now and was stretching a little but was OK. Everything back on the bike now and I am suited up and about to leave and fuel pump is on and it is not stopping, it's still trying to suck and pump fuel, there must be a kink in the line. So off comes the jacket and the tank and I adjust the fuel line so it isn't stretching as much and there is no kink now. Wait, what's this, a bolt missing from #3 exhausts, no wonder there is Texas tea, black gold flowing down the once nicely bead blasted engine. The bolt was still there in one of the many crevasses the engine has to offer. At this point the sun had set on what is turning out to be a nasty day. OK so I am putting the tank back on and out of no where the bike falls on its side totally fucking the left side fairing, and the tank was in my arms no more. The tank has rolled a couple of times and gouges are atop the tank as with my thinning patients. I took a few deep breaths and started to reassemble the badly beaten bike. No side fairings and a badly scratched tank are now on the bike and the line does not have a kink as the fuel pump stops sucking when the bowls are full. OK so I am about to leave for the second time and am suited up again and try to select first, I don't remember the clutch being this light, THAT'S BECAUSE THE CLUTCH LEVER WAS FUCKIN BROKEN (not the lever but the meaty part at the hinge, if you know what I mean), I couldn't cry so I laughed. Another deep breathe ensues. The mates place I was at was missing my mate as he has now left for a party where they serve 1kg steaks. Great now I am hungry with no transport. A quick call to a mate that lives up the road and I am on the way back to my house to collect the spare clutch lever I have from the GSXR forks. Cut the hand grip off, pull the lever off and I am on my way back to the bike.

Back at the bike now and the knife comes out and cuts away the hand grip on the RGV and the replacement lever is bolted on and I am ONCE AGAIN adorned with cow hide ready to make my way home. Bike starts, I roll off the line with difficulty and before I set off for home I head for my mates house up the road in case I run out of petrol from that kinky fuel line, get to the top of another hill and the bike runs out of petrol. My fault, the tap was switched to 'starve the bike of fuel to piss him off even more'. Flicked the switch and the bike was running again, barley. This time a new trick, it was back firing out of the carbs, well #3 carb anyway. I suspect the carb was out of sync again as I revved the bike up and it went away, damn stretched carb cable. Anyway, was off on my way home when as if to kick me while I was down, I get pulled over by a cop standing in the middle of the road right in front of the police station. To make matters worse I had no fairings, bike was smoking making funny noises and he knew his thing when it came to bikes. My first words were, "This day cant get any worse" He glares at me and I glare back. He adds "Can I see your license". I hand him a piece of paper which is my entire driving record, bad idea, but it has that date I was issued with a provisional license. I say "I know it's a bad record, but I just want to go home". I was issued with my provisional restricted license on the 26th June 2003. It was the 27th yesterday and that was over a year so I am on my unrestricted license. I give him my license and explain all that to him as my license still displays provisional rider. He looks at me, looks at the paper. looks at his watch and gives me the nod, "That's OK". I show him the sticker with the engineers report number on it and he says " That's fine but this is not legal" pointing to the exhausts. I said "That's why I paid the Engineer, so the bike can be legal" I add, "I don't want to second guess you in anyway, but that's what I paid him for". With a look to kill he said "Arguing with me would be futile" . At the point I said I just wanted to go home and its been a bad day and I explained everything that had happened and I promised I would take it easy and he said, "Don't worry about the bike, you take it easy" I agreed and he let me off with no fine at all. I cautiously start the bike and take off slowly. Luckily I am on a down hill and I didn't have to rev it much. Went home with bike in bad shape, I hope I have not damaged the bike in anyway.

I got home and threw the bike in the shed and left it there.

Day over.....

Time to reflect.

Should I kick the bike really hard and sell it ???? NO But I wish I could.

I can't do that as I have put too much work into it. Too much money.

I am going to leave the bike in the shed for the next few weeks and calm down.

Are all these problems my fault, am I to blame. Or is it my bad luck streak hitting second gear.

For fuck sake, can't this bike just fuckin work, just work, fuckin thing.........



It has been three months since my last update and it has been a busy three months.  I have since had my frame, swing arm, wheels and various other bits powder coated.  I have rebuilt the engine again, and have rewired the whole front end and some other connections.  I also applied for an Engineers Report so I can legally ride my bike on the street, I passed that no problems at all.  So that means on June 27 I will be out on the beast roaming the streets, looking for R1's to embarrass.  I still have some work to do on the actual air intake and will also add oil injection in the next few days.  There is a track day coming up soon and maybe I will have some footage of the bike down the straight, hopefully I can line up with some big bore 4 strokes to see how I compare....



There has not been an update for some time.  I had done some track days after the last update and they were OK, but not good enough.  I mean it was good to be back on the bike, but on the other hand with the problems I had it was still very frustrating.  The first time I went on the track after I had rebuilt the motor it was a bad day as the motor was just not running right and by the 3rd session I had a hole in the radiator which ended the day.  The performance of the engine was lack lustre to say the least.  I was ok, by ok I mean not as bad as it was say in the higher rev range.  The bike would cough and spew oil all over the place.  Smoke was plentiful and oil covered the exhausts on cylinder 2 and 4 if memory serves me correctly.  I thought at the time it was running like crap cause of the air induction.  I had the air filters under the fairing and I thought that is was not getting enough air as coming down the straight you would think that a 145kg bike with 124hp would get up to and pass 180kmh with ease, not so!  The bike was performing like it was a Cagiva Mito 125cc down the straight, it was a little embarrassing actually.  OK so back in the pits and I took the fairing off and let the air run right over the air filters and see what happens.  I thought that when I had the bike on the track the first time it was running fine with the air filters hanging out.  So I am going round the back of the track and the bike feels a little better before about 130kmh but coming onto a fast straight or down the main straight again the bike was under performing once again.  Back in the pits I took the air filters off completely and ran it with nothing on at all.  The bike again felt the same at the back of the track but gaining speed again proved to be a pain in the arse.  The next time out I did the radiator in, the whole became apparent when the session ended and I came into the pit area and it was dripping or should I say spraying out of a tiny pin hole.  I tried to fix this a few different ways but to no avail.  The following 2 track days were just as bad, I bought a new radiator after that day and guess what, yep that's right it did it again, from I can gather from the bike the front wheel is hitting the radiator.  The first time it happened it was just rubbing and caused a hole in the front, the second hole came from a fast off on the grass on turn 1 and a pot hole in the grass run off area took care of the damage, it pushed the rad back into the motor and the hole was in the rear.  

The radiator is now repaired by way of extra reservoirs welded onto the side of the rad (pics coming soon) and the bottom three cores cut off, but the engine still ran like a penguin with one leg.  What the fuck is going on here.    I made the critical decision to rip into the motor and find out what is going on.  I cane to the conclusion that the engine was spitting out too much oil and was not running right in general.  10pm at night I am at my mates house 2 hours from home and we are in his shed pulling the 500 soon to be monster, repaired, motor apart.  It came apart with great eagerness and when the cases came apart, there it was.  The problem that caused so much hassle in the past few months.  There is a little rubber seal that sits in between the cases stopping the rad fluid from entering the case, yeah that seal, it was a little kinked or bent out of shape so fluid was running rampant in my motor.  Also we had noticed the gear oil lining the bores.  Not a good thing at all.

So here we are now, motor is apart and will be done this weekend.  Since it has been apart I have purchased a few more goodies for the bike.  A spanking new GP spec NOVA transmission coming very soon, digital temp gauge, and the frame and swing arm and many other metal bits and the wheels will be powder coated in the next couple of days.  The wheel will be covered in gloss black Dulux powder, and the frame and swinger and everything else will be in satin black.  I went for gloss black on the wheel as I have not decided on the final colour of the fairing and my choice will go with anything really.  The fairing at the moment has been painted in flat black, but I am thinking of candy apple blue, or red.  I really like the blue on the GSX-R1000 K2, you know the black and blue model (not the blue and white model), yeah the blue on that.  I thought that satin black is a great choice as it has a bit of shine but not a lot.  At the moment the bike as I can see it will be up and running in the next 4 weeks hopefully.

Stay tuned..........



Well I finally got the bike working, after weeks of trying not to think about it and having a break from mind bending problems.

OK what I did to get rid of this problem is I took the whole wiring loom off and untapped the front section where I did most of the modifications on there and made new connections and also redone the switches, sounds simple.  It was really.  Stuck some new fuel into the tank and new plugs and it took about 8 or 9 kicks to fire up and when it did it was like all hell broke loose.   I hadn't noticed how much I missed the noise and the smell of the 500.   There is a track day this Saturday and next Saturday as well.  I can't wait.......   Report on that coming soon.



Just thought I would let you all know what the hell happened on the weekend.

Woke up 8am Saturday and got the bike ready for transport to get the little crack welded back up (little crack in the bottom engine mount weld) 1 hour drive there waited and it got done in about 2 hours. went and picked up my leathers from the bike shop. went home took the bike off the trailer and thought I would start it to make sure everything was ok before I took it to the track the next day. keep in mind I have not started or touched the bike since it came back from the dyno run.

started it and it worked ok at idle, it runs sweet at idle, but as soon as you touch the throttle it bogs out and back fires through the carbies and out the exhausts as well, ok I though hhhmmmm what the fuck is going on here. so I rang the dyno guy and he mentioned changing the plugs as it happened to him a little and he changed them and it is working after that. he chose the run hotter plugs, br8es, ok changed the plugs no difference, check everything else like is the pickup working ok and are the leads pushed down all the way and little stupid things like that I just went over the bike, so now it is about 8pm and I have not modified the body work for the next days track day, nor painted it which was my aim for the day.


Called my mechanic mate that has been fiddling with rg500's for years, he suggested a few things which I tried but no avail, I tried letting the bike run on the fuel bowls until it ran out of fuel, ok did that and when it did run out of fuel it did not rev up high and then cut out, it just idled and just stopped dead, ok so he seems to thinks that it is not the carbs. have also tried to retard the pickup coil about 3degrees, still nothing. I tried disconnecting the black/yellow wire which is the kill switch to eliminate the possibility of it earthing out, don't know why as the bike was idling fine, I then mentioned that the bike had something on the frame welded and he got happy saying that it might be that it blew something during the welding, I said the battery was disconnected, but he said he has seen things blow when he was at the track (he uses the rg500 for sprint cars) and guys needed to weld things up things have blown.


so I asked him if he had any spare parts for me to try on my bike to check if anything had blown, he said yes he had a CDI and a stator and coils, he knew they all worked fine. so now it is 10pm the night before the track day , I was planning to leave for the track at 6.30am. my mate with the parts lives just before Newcastle, that's about 2 hours away from my house, so I thought I would jump on the cagiva 125 and run up the highway andget the stuff, but my two mates came for a mini raod trip, long story short :-) i got home about 3am, worked on the bike changed the stator and the CDI, put the bike back together and put it on the bike trailer and not strapping it down we went around my area with me sitting on it, and when we got far enough from home I started the bike and nothing still backfiring.  got home and then I can remember what happened after that but its not about 5.30 so I decided to pull the plug on taking the rgv500 to the track and take the cagiva 125. so left my mates house bound the track about 1 hour away and got there thinking all is not lost I have the 125 to squirt around on, but wait there's more, the cagiva had blown a fork seal on the trailer when it was strapped down, fuck me I was thinking what the hell now, so I rode my brothers gsxr750 for the first session while the 125 sat in the pits all day watching the action, that was it 6 laps and I called it quits I didn't want to ride I didn't feel comfortable with no sleep at all, not a wink of sleep., and new leathers and it is not my bike and luck was not going my way so I got off and didn't ride the whole day watching these fuckin four fuckin stroke fuckers riding around thinking about my massive rgv500 in the garage at home sleeping got home about 3pm and then changed the coils on the bike and then fired it up and then got the same problem, and that was it I had had enough so I left it .


I have changed the:



coils, leads (not caps)

plugs to br8es

check the discs were not on backwards, i.e. they were opening and closing when they should have been

Will post the fix when I find it.



The bike was back at the dyno and has surprised the hell out of me by pulling a healthy 124hp at the wheel.  Check out the dyno page for the results.  The next track day for me is in a week, on Sunday.  I really can't wait to ride the bike with this new found HP.



I have not updated the site for a while, but I now have the engine back together and the engine back in the bike ready to start.  I have modified the coil pick-up, but I think I wrecked it as the bike now has no spark.  I think I took too much off the pick-up, for a proper explanation go to the Electrics page.


26-June-2003  -  My Day in Court

ok so it goes something like this

blah blah blah go fuck yourself...blah blah blah go fuck yourself.....

ok, i woke up at 6am caught two fuckin trains and was there at 8.15am waited for the lawyer til about 8.45 and then went into his office and he told me about his gsxr 1000 03model, and how quick it was and shit like that...anyway finally got to talking about my case and he ask some character questions, did that.

then we walked to the court house and he talked more about bikes hehehe he talks more about bike than i do and i thoughts i was nuts. i found this guy in the back of a bike magazine, for the aussie guys it was "lawstop", turned out to be a top guy though

sat in court at 9.15 and waitied in the back like a good little lad and was listening to all the other cases and i could see the judge was trying to crack some funnies but it was not working cause he was a cunt no matter what he tried. well it was traffic matter day and he was just warming up, a couple of people before me got on the stand and were talking about their circumstances and shit....blah blah blah all i was thinking was go fuck your self. the judge was looking at these guys record and saying that they were bad cause they had 4 speeding fines over 13 years and i was thinking oh shit maybe i shouldnt be here as i have 11 speeding fines in about 4 years and various other shit. so i was packing shit in the court room and sure enough as you do, 30 high school girls just stroll on in and sit in the back of the court room. i am thinking fuck if i have to get up on the stand, i hate public speaking !!!

so it was my turn and my lawyer was arguing double jepordy, which i thought was fair enough but what happened the traffic authorities waited til after i finished my 18 months to serve me another 8 months, so i argued that it was unfair blah blah blah.....

so the judge is sittting up there and smirking at my record and then out of no where started reading it out and i was like uh oh i am fucked now, then people started to laugh and i was thinking maybe i should have made one of those ak-47's we spoke about the other day and take a few cunts out....anyway he looked at me and said and i quote "if it were up to me i would write on your record that you are never allowed to have a license, but i cant do that"  i went to where my lawyer was sitting and i said i dont have any cars and all these fines are from cars and that i bought another bike thinking i was getting my license back, and as you do my lawyer in the middle of proceedings asks me what bike i bought and the conversation went somehting like this ME "i bought a cagiva 125" LAWYER "oh yeah 6 or 7 speed" ME "7 speed" LAWYER "i would love to have a go on that an i can give you my gsxr 1000" ME "fuck sure no worries"

so people are still laughing at this point and to keep from cracking someone in the head with a microphone and choking them with the cord i started to laugh as well and the judge looked at me and just stared and i stared back, i was thinking who the fuck do you think you are. at this point the judge disagreed that it was a double jepordy case and my lawyer figured out that he would not give my license back to me today just like that with no restrictions, so he asked to have a good behaviour license for 12 months which is standard and so on, but the judge said no lets make it two years with 2 points, let me explain for the non aussie people, we get 12 points on our license, we loose 3 point for a minor (15kmh over speed limit) speeding fine and two points is pretty much the least you can use, and if i loose 2 or more points in the next 2 years i will have to go back on suspension for double the original period i was suspended for which is 16 months i think. now the shit thing is also that i dont have a unrestricted license yet, and i wont be able to legally ride the rgv500 on the road for one year untill i get my unrestriced bike license. now get this into you, when i heard that i was very pissed off cause i realised that i payed $1320 to make things worse for myself. you se if i waitied til mid august i would have elected myself to go on a good behaviour license for 12 months with 2 point instead of two years, and i feel like i have wasted my fuckin time and hard earnt money that i could have used to get marks fucking 3d ignition and shit like that,

SO...... after all that anger i got my license back and i can ride my little 125 mito but things are worse if you see my point, and its just my luck.i was working on the gamma today and i have no fuckin spark whatsso ever, so everything is finished on the rgv once again and i cant start the damned thing

will have another look tomorrow morning.

hope you like my fuckin email its now 3am and i am one pissed off and tired muther fucker

I am sure i missed out something in this email but if i remember it i will let you guys know

anyway i am off to bed to dream about if i did have an ak-47 how fun that day would have been

oh and yeah i look more at my speedo then i do at the road now thanx to them, oh and i have my P's (provisional license right) i have to stick " P " plates on the back of the bike and if they come off i loose 2 points and there goes my license again for 16 months , how fucked is that just because a piece of plastic falls off the bike so i zip tied one of those muther fuckers on and hopefully it doesnt come off

P.s there is no way i am prrof reading this email, i'd rather lick my toes not that that has anything to do with the price of oil in iraq

yeah good night


blah blah blah..............................fuck life sux sometimes !!



I got a call from my mechanic, Tony Pryor, he got the parts I sent him in the mail and he checked them over and suggested that I need 2 new main bearings and pistons and rings and the crank will be pressed apart and balanced.  This is all going to cost me in the region on $1000.  I am going to attempt to put the motor back together, I say attempt as I have never done this before and I have to learn some time, because I cant keep relying on my mate Tony to help me with this as he lives a good 2 hours away.



I took the bike to the track yesterday, two words to describe the day, fucking awesome !!

The bike flies, it screams, I never imagined a 2 stroke going so quickly with me on it, it launches out of corners and it dropped into the first corner at over 200kph, great shit, I did hit full throttle round that corner only twice, I was shit scared but the bike handled well and I think that BikeTek did a great job.

I kept up to a ZX9 and SP1 and R6 down the straight and was slip streaming them and then pulled out at the end of the 1km straight and put the bike on its side so fast that I passed them before they could say "do you smell MOTUL", I passed an R1 with no problems the the tight stuff out the back of the track and the back straight.

First session the fairing was touching the ground, bad engineering on my part but that was quickly fixed (brang every tool in the garage to the track hahaha) and in that session I couldn't push it because of that and new tyres, and an R1 came past me and turned to look at me and gave me a hand motion to keep up or try and pass I got the message loud and clear, fuckin cunt didn't see him on the track after that I wish I did though it would have been fun duelling with him.

Second session I went out and the first couple of laps was ok but after that I had a shit time, I messed up a gear change, you see I have reverse pattern shift on the bike and I am getting used to it and it is ok to use but I went from 2nd to 1st when I was supposed to hit third coming onto the main straight and the back wheel locked and the motor screamed and the gearbox chattered a bit, pulled in the clutch and rectified the problem, but I could smell all sorts of things burning hahaha damn !!

Third session I had the most fun, I was pushing the little thing hard and I was flying, that's when I hit every corner almost perfect and started to relax more and have fun instead of trying to get everything, everything perfect, I did manage to pass 7 people in one corner and under braking, 110kmh lefty, it was fun and then passed some was under brakes going into the hairpin, heaps of fun on that session.

Fourth session, I had fun again also but I pushed it hard this time and on the 4th lap I think it was I was in a 80km, maybe faster, left and the bike just got away from me and before I knew it we were both sliding.  Ended up in the dirt , the bike was still on so I jumped over there and switched it off, it was funny cause I remember the fall, I remember my left knee sliding on the ground and being grated like a piece of cheese, I then some how ended up sliding on my head hahaha my head was the only thing touching the ground and my legs were in the air would have been funny to watch, then I bounced on my right shoulder which is killing me right now, and yeah ended up on the dirt.

The only damage to me was a scrapped knee, nothing major and sore bits and pieces. the bike is ok except for number 1 damaged carb, the bell mouth was ground down to the carb body and the number 3 carb was slightly ground but not much, and the handle bar and shift rod need replacing and clutch lever, but the worse part is that I knew there was a lot of dirt in the motor just by looking at it.

When I got back to the pits I pulled the fairing off and proceeded to clean the engine and carbs as best I could by drowning the carbs in petrol and then opening them and cleaning the mud off the slides and then cleaned the rotary disc valves as best I could and you could see that there is heaps of dirt and dust and shit that went into the motor, the ports were brown.

I am going to strip the motor and press apart the cranks and get everything checked over and replace what ever needs doing, lets hope the barrels and anything else is not scored.

Anyway that was my fun filled day at the track, all I have to say is shit happens and I will be back at the track as soon as I can, and just for the record that was my first fall since I started riding road bikes.

Hope this wasn't to long of a read.



Speaking with the dyno guy on Saturday and he said that the bike is pulling 115hp at the wheel.  He thinks there is more in it and will get some leaner jets and I am hoping that we might see 120hp, that would be amazing.  I will have the final results in a couple of days and am hoping that my first track day is March 9th at Eastern Creek International Raceway.  Can't wait!!!




After the dilemma of the first dyno guy, the second dyno guy (the good one) has just advised me they have been working on the bike during the week, and he got it to 101hp, he said there is still a bit more tuning involved and that it is running too much oil in the premix, I had mixed him some at 1:25 200ml:5 litres 4%, which is what I was told is a good starting point, but he said there is oil spitting out of the exhausts, so he will have to make up his own batch of premixed fuel and tune it a bit more and he said there should be another 10 or more hp in there somewhere. I asked him what he thinks of the sound and the bike, and he said

"Its awesome, it just breaks loose"




I am ashamed to write this down and tell you all but I am anyway.

I did not listen to my gut feeling and take it to the mechanics which I always take my bikes and took it to the guy I was referred to by the person that did my suspension, as he claims he was the best in Sydney for dyno tuning carbs. Well I took the bike there and then he said that he will have it done before Christmas, and to my surprise it was not done and was only worked on the Thursday that just passed. So I gave him some settings for the carbs and said try this and go from there, then to my surprise he couldn't get the fuel pump working properly so I asked him to gravity feed the sucker and then I got a call saying that he needed the 300 main jets.  I thought this was weird as he should be ordering it not me so I got these jets and went to him and he said the bike is done. Let me explain his version of done.  This is what he said to me.  The bike has a flat spot at 4-5k rpm and it needs more tuning on the track and the jets need to be put in, he said it was pulling 89hp on the dyno, and then the bright spark said I just put 2 and 2 together and thought that this is not a correct reading as the bike was wheel spinning on the dyno, and then I looked at the bike which was out in the sun all day and it looked like it was left out in the rain the day before. I almost hit the cunt, but I kept my composure and took the bike to the first mechanic/dyno tuner I was going to take it to.

So there I am ashamed to say I didn't go with my gut feeling on this and it was a waste of 3 weeks of time and worries, never going there again for anything.

So to sum up the bike is running 350 main jets (should be 300) and pulling 89hp while wheel spinning and not tuned properly

I will let you know what it is making this time around when I know.



The bike has left for the dyno.  When I spoke to the guy he said that he will have it done before Christmas so I was happy about that.  He called me the next day and said to me that the fuel pump is too strong and I said to set the float height to 18mm and he said they were at 16mm which was better but fuel kept pissing out, so I said to just run the line with the fuel filter from the tank to the first T piece in the fuel line.  I called him a couple of days later and he said that some guy brought his bike in for a quick service but it ended up having a blown head gasket.  The guy then said that he reopens on the 2nd of January and he wants to spend time on it to get it right.  So I am waiting for then.  After this is done I will have to figure out why the fuel pump is not working right with the carbies.



The bike is currently at BikeTek getting the brakes and suspension done.  Then it is off to the Dyno for a tune then to the bike shop to get some tyres fitted.  I also have the Uni Filters which arrived, they look good in red and I am sure they will more than do the job required.  The radiator cap has still not bee sorted out, but I am hoping in the next couple of days this will be done.



I have now installed the gaskets and made the plate for the oil pump.  Water was coming out of the head bolts where the mount kit attaches to, I used some STAG and resealed those bolts.  I noticed that when I flicked the light switch the fuse blew and also the engine kill switch did not work.  There must be a wire being earthed somewhere.  I checked the wiring at the back and I made a mistake and put the 3 wires for the rear brake light together in one end plug and the wires were touching.  Once this was fixed the lights worked and so did the kill switch.  I also made another bracket for the exhausts underneath the right foot peg.



I got a call from Tony, my mechanic and he said that the CDI arrived, I was so happy to hear that.  I quickly made plans with a friend to get to Newcastle and start the bike and get Tony to check out what I have done with the bike so far.  He checked that the slides went all the way up and down on the carbies, which they did when I made the cables but did not when they are installed I guess that's from having the cables stretched and curved.  So I quickly modified them some more and then they were ok, but will need more tinkering with. I filled the bike with 5 litres of 4% premix Motul 600 and then we plugged in the CDI and the Regulator/Rectifier.  I kicked the bike over while Tony was in intense concentration, then on the 7th or 8th kick after 7 months of having the engine not started, it started.  Music to my ears and a delight on the nose.  Was great to finally hear a 500 crank over, especially my 500.  The float bowl heights were not set and the carb settings were not done, so it was running a little rich down low but was cracking up top.  If I knew how to do a back flip I would have done one.  The engine sounded really good, but I know it will sound a bit better once it is dyno tuned.  Before this whole exercise took place you have to wonder if things are going to go smoothly.  And they didn't.  I did not know that there were exhaust gaskets to install, oil was spitting out of the 4 flanges and also I forgot to make a plate to cover the hole left by the oil pump, oil was coming out of there as well.



The bike is almost ready.  I am still waiting for the CDI and the Regulator/Rectifier to arrive and some other little bits and pieces from the bike shop.  At the moment I am just trying to mat the switch gear and the ignition from the RGV to the RG and some little areas of the wiring also.  I also need to get air filters which will fit to the TMX carbs and sit quite thin as they will most likely sit on the outside of the fairing.  I still need to get the radiator cap sorted, the cap will sit on the top right side of the radiator.  There will be a little pipe about 5-8 cm in length and the cap will sit on top of that.  The cap has to be the highest point of the water system as to filter out the air bubbles.  After this is all done this bike will be taken to BikeTek to get the suspension done and the brakes worked on, and then off to the dyno for a tune.



Where do I begin !!!   Well since Thursday last week (one week ago) I have been in the garage working on the bike, and I am so happy that it actually looks like a bike again, it is almost there, almost.  I got the engine, frame and swingarm on Wednesday.  Since then every spare moment has been spent in the garage working on the bike I have had no time to update this site.  I get home from work then I am in the garage, sleep work garage, sleep work garage, good shit I think.   Anyway check out the pictures.  The bike looks like it came out of the factory that way it looks really neat.  I have changed the gear shift pattern to 1 up and 5 down like the GP bikes.  This was done very easily by placing the shift rod underneath the shift shaft, the RGV shift rod just need to be adjusted to it shortest length and it was fine.  I have stripped all the sticky tape off and labelled every single plug, connection and wire in the whole wiring loom.  I did this so I could lay the wiring next to the bike and see what needs to be lengthened according to where I have placed things like the AEC Actuator and the ECU things that have to be mounted to the bike, I did not want the wiring to dictate where I was going to place everything on the bike.  The welds on the frame look really nice and the motor lines up really nice and it is a tight fit.  The chain line looks pretty good, but when this is dyno tuned I will have to get the tuner, same guys that welded it, to check the chain line again.  I also modified the gauge cluster and stuck my SPA Speedo / Tacho in there it looks like a factory item.  The only big thin left to do is to get the radiator connected.  Stay tuned......



On Saturday I dropped my bike off with the talented guys at S'n'R Pro Performance.  They were at Eastern Creek Raceway for the Formula Extreme races.  I had the motor in the frame and the swingarm on with the wheel and the chain, I had the rear engine mounts clamped on and everything lined up.  They will check this and make any minor adjustments and then weld the mounts on.  I spoke to Mark Drysdale and he said to use 4043 series rods for the welding, not 50 series, and to make sure that they heat the frame before welding cause cooling down to quick will cause cracks in the welding and the frame.  Once this is welded I will start to assemble the bike, I am not going to worry about what it looks like right now and get everything polished and painted on the next rebuild and buy some more performance and trick bits for the bike when I have more money.



I have my sprocket for the rear Renthal is so light.  The front is on back order and should be here very soon.  I have modified the accelerator cables and an explanation of how this is done is on the engine page.



I have the fuel lines 8mm inside bore (diameter), and they are clear with the braided bit in the middle of the line, I also have the R1 fuel pump and the the accelerator, clutch and power valve cables.  I had to buy 3 Y splitters for the fuel lines and 16 '000' size clamps see diagram.  The accelerator cables have to be modified to fit the extra length of the TMX carbs.  The little metal bit on the end has to be heated up and taken off then the outside plastic cover has to be trimmed back far enough for the exposed cable to sit properly in the slide, it cant be too long or too short has to be pretty much spot on even though the carbs have the adjustment on them.  I have ordered my chain and sprockets, 15 front and 43 rear, and I will use these to see if the engine is lined up ok and make further adjustments so the chain line is perfect.



I have my engine, and it looks damn good.  I can't believe it is actually sitting in my bedroom on the floor.  The bare frame is sitting on the engine and I am trying to line it up at the moment, measuring this and measuring that making sure it is sitting in the frame properly.  I have made some 2mm thick covers for the power valves and the bolts now don't hit the frame.  I have ordered the R1 fuel pump and power valve cables and accelerator cables and rear engine mount bolts.  The next thing to do is get the camera working so I can take some pictures and post them on this page.  When I have the right engine mounts and the motor is lined up straight then I will get it all welded in and then mount everything that needs to be mounted on the frame, such as the power valve unit needs to have holes drilled, stuff like that.  Then get the wheels, frame, seat sub-frame and the swing arm polished and then a clear coat of black applied to everything except the wheels so it looks anodised.  I will try this on the seat sub-frame first to see how it looks and then I will make my decision if I should get the frame and swing arm done as well.  Stay tuned, this is where the fun begins.



The engine is almost done, and the date set for delivery to my house looks to be the 24th of August.  It's been a long time but I am sure it will be well worth it.  Its has been about 4 months since I found the engine till its completion.  I have come to the conclusion that I am going to get the mounts welded in and then the frame sprayed and then put the whole bike together and upgrade things from there.  My original plan was to buy everything I wanted before I put the bike together, but I don't have that kind of cash lying around so I will have to do it gradually.  The things I need and really want before I ride it is braided lines and a steering damper and  few other little bits and pieces.  I am sure that this project will come together slowly but surely.



The frame has been completely stripped and the frame has been ground down in all the right places and is now ready for the engine mounts to be fitted and welded in.  Go to the Frame page and have a look at pictures of the project and updates I mention in here.



I ordered the Jolly Moto carbon end cans, 2 small and 2 long GP style like Mark's.  I did not get them from Road Rocket as Mark was cheaper and dealing with someone you know is better.  This week I am going to take the bike to Scots Motorcycles so they can remove the swing arm for me so I can cut / grind off the rear standard engine mounts, and while the swing arm is off I will get it painted satin black as mat black brings out the little scratches and the like.  I will then get the engine from Tony soon.  I will take off the front end and I will get it lined up at home then take it to the best TIG welder I can find and get the engine mounts welded in and then get the frame paint satin black to match the swing arm, and then throw the motor back in.



I have finished the rear sub-frame modification and installed the seat support unit I bought from Mark Drysdale.  It is a very stong unit and perfectly done by Mark.  It hold it so sturdy and even with myself sitting on the pillion seat, if someone else wants to feel the thrill of this bike they will have to build one as no one is riding this beast and there is no capacity to hold a pillion without foot pegs.  Please check out the pics I have put up on the Frame page.



Today I went to customs and picked up the exhausts from Jolly Moto Italy, and the parts Mark Drysdale sent over.  Now I have to order the carbon end cans from Road Rocket because they are the only importers of Jolly Moto in Australia.  I have sent the disc covers to Tony, the guy building the engine, and he is getting them ported and matched for the carbies and engine.



The disc covers came today, I am going to send them to the guy building my engine and he will get them sized up properly for the TMX35 carbs and install everything back in the engine and get it ported and do the heads. I will post the specs once I know what they are and dyno sheets as well.  The rest of the parts will be here very soon as it has been almost 8 weeks since they were sent and the exhausts from Jolly Moto will be here soon also.



The SPA Technique tacho/speedo has arrived and looks damn good, can't wait to connect the thing up.  I got the 0-12,000rpm with black dial.  Check the link to have a look, tacho/speedo


18-May-2002 (my birthday, I am 23)

I went to see the engine and Tony the guy building it on the weekend and we talked for a good couple of hours, and I decided to return the disc covers for the stock carbs to Mark and get the ones with the pilot holes as I am now installing the Mikuni TMX35 carbs.  Also The cranks are now balanced and the gearbox had the updates put in it, the updated gears come with the dogs undercut.  I am trying to get the whole motor sand blasted so it looks like it was just released out of the factory.  I am going to leave the pistons the engine came with so I can tune it right then install new pistons and rings, just in case I damage them trying to get the right carby settings.



The guy, Tony Prior, that is building my engine for me has just sent the cranks away to be balanced and is about to get the gearbox updates done.  Also I am going to tell him to get the carbies bored to 30.5mm.



I have just found out that I have an engine to use in my bike, and the guy that secured it for me also builds these engines for the Formula 500 series running here in Australia.  Now all I am waiting for is the parts I bought off Mark Drysdale and the exhausts from Jolly Moto, then I can get the engine mounting kit welded in and go from there.



I might have found an engine, I will find out this week for sure.  I have stripped the bike ready to weld in the engine mounting kit that I bought off Mark Drysdale.  Then I will strip the bike even further and then get the frame and the trailing arm powder coated black.  Go back to the home page to have a look at it.



I have been looking for an engine in so many places and countries, I think I might have to just buy the whole bike and take out what I need and sell the rest, but even finding a whole bike is hard.  I am still looking, once I find the engine I can start organising everything else and the whole thing shouldn't take too long after that.



I have placed my order with Mark Drysdale, and I am hanging for the parts to get here.  Check out my parts page to see what I ordered.  I think that Mark's prices are pretty damn good.



I have sanded and prepared the two side panels of the RGV90 that I am going to sell, they are going to be painted black, obviously to suit the rest of the bike.  Once this is done I will have to notify the authorities that it has a different engine number in it, then I can sell it.  I think I am going to put it in the paper for about $4100 and see what happens.



I picked up both bikes, the whole transfer cost me $1700, 2 motors out and 1 motor in.  My RGV96 is sitting in the garage with its guts missing and it doesn't look very good but hey it will look mighty fine when the 500 is between its legs.  The RGV90 now has the 96 engine in it and it needs the side fairings painted black.  The fairings don't really needs painting cause they are scratched just they were painted badly.  The chain and sprockets from the RGV96 have to be swapped over because they are almost new.  As for the other motor it just had a rebuild and it ready to start, my brother wants the engine so he can throw it in a go kart chassis, sounds like some good wheel spinning fun.



I have bought myself a 90 model RGV250.  It has a problem with the kick starter, it is toothless, I think the guy said the whole crank case needs to be replaced.  So I decided to buy that RGV90 for $1000 and use the engine from my RGV96 and try and sell it for a profit.  Doing this would give me a start on the whole project.