Bike Pics

If you want your bike posted here please e-mail me.  It's a good way to get on the net without a web page, and I can include details of the bike and any modifications.


This is my brother�s GSX-R 750. It has a carbon Yoshi pipe.�
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This is Les�s GSX-R 750. This has a full Yoshi system with the tri-oval pipe, and yes it is loud.�
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This is my first bike, CAGIVA Mito 125SP.�
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This is my mate Arthur on my bike around Eastern Creek.�
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Here is my brother on his GSX-R 750 at Eastern Creek.�
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�This is the original group of 4

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The following bikes are owned by the people on the RGV250 forum, click for larger picture.


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This is Ben Bishop's bike.  A very tasty Cagiva Mito with an RGV250SP (dry clutch), it's a VJ-23 motor, ported and race-kitted, with about 140kgs dry weight and about 70+ HP this will be one little screamer that's for sure, more info coming soon..... click for larger pics...

mito250sp_003.JPG (153372 bytes) mito250sp_004.JPG (145082 bytes) mito250sp_001.JPG (137120 bytes) mito250sp_002.JPG (134899 bytes)