I understand that most people doubted I could complete this task, as it was taking too much time and I was always delaying and postponing the results.

The short explanation is: manufacturing a one-off prototype and trying to save money at the same time.


Setting up all the tools, machines and procedures required for industrial production of one part, just to manufacture one single item, is totally crazy. There is also some trial and error involved, which means you waste a few pieces before everything is perfectly setup. If you waste a few items and then you produce a thousand pieces it's OK, but in my case, it means that you make (you pay!) at least three pieces to get one enough good.

If then you don't have just one part to do, but a whole variety of different parts like in the case of the cranks, things get absolutely insane.

Keep in mind I am a private person, I'm doing this as a hobby, I did NOT ask anybody on the gammalist or anywhere else to pay me the cranks in advance to allow me go on with the project. I'm self-sponsoring everything and this "hobby" is resulting to be extremely, painfully, insanely expensive.


In order to reduce the costs somehow, They gave me the opportunity to manufacture the RG stuff as a variant of theirs, which means, when they do a specific production step of their stuff, they throw the RG parts together, but this also means that we have to wait, for each step, that they are doing the same step too.

Then there were some production steps too different from theirs, other people involved, other favours asked, some unexpected trouble, lost synchronization with their production cycle, wait next time they made cranks, etc. etc. etc.


This is a bit oversimplified and not exactly what happened, but you get the idea. What I want to make clear is that I am really committed in reaching the objective; if there was delay it was not due to lack of interest on my side (*), I could not push people making me a favour, I just had to wait.


In any case, the important thing is that now all the special tools and manufacturing procedures are set up (otherwise the prototype you see in the pictures wouldn't exist!) and They ensure that if we need more pieces, it will take much less time.


(*) OK, OK, I took a break from July to November, I needed it ;-) I hope this didn't make people think I was abandoning... in any case it didn't add much delay as They were too busy in that period and by chance, Their own production was postponed a few months so we are still in time for the cylinders and all the rest.