I further discussed with Them what can be done and what can be not. I am really excited as it seems I was right when I said there was a huge potential in this collaboration, and it was worth to be patient. In fact, now it seems we can get nearly whatever we need, as long as we run it in batches and I take care of the design (and we are patient).
Up to now, They agreed to produce these RG variants of their stuff:

Remember, the keyword for all this is: producing lots (batches) of parts. Things made as a single one-off prototype will take a lot while things run in batches will take less and be better. However, I am also wondering about other parts that I haven't still discussed with Them, but I guess They could agree to make, if we make lots of them. Maybe it's better I don't publish things that are already to be discussed, but I'm thinking a lot ;-)