Making the cranks prototype was extremely expensive for me and in fact I've found out the market value of comparable stuff is very high too. However, I'm not a seller and I want to contribute to the 2T world so I opted to donate most of the efforts and the money I've spent on the prototype, to the Gamma community (which means, they are not computed). Plus, I decided to make a special offer for the first items sent out, to make them even more accessible.

So, the starting price for a set of 4 cranks, complete with rods, bearings, seals and spacers, assembled and centred is:

2100 euro + shipping

This is a special offer limited to the very first kit in the very first batch; every subsequent set of cranks (in same batch) will be subject to a +25 euro increment; following batches - if any - will have the cost recomputed and it may be significantly higher.

There are other parts that can be made or are already available: if interested, contact me.


Pre-ordering (no money needed)

Starting from now, if you are interested in purchasing the cranks write me privately and tell me the options you want (for options, see below).

I'll notify you with your position in the queue and the price reserved to you. I will respect your privacy and won't tell others that you are in the queue. If you change your mind you can cancel in any moment, I'll delete you from the queue while following people will shift up and get a better price.

You do NOT have to send me money now.

If/when there will be enough people in the queue, THEN I'll ask you to advance me half money so I can run the batch. You still will be able to cancel from the queue and the others will shift up in your place.

After the batch is started you can't cancel from the queue anymore but in case I am not able to deliver the stuff within six months I'll refund you completely if you so desire (see "Conditions" below).



Special bearings have different cages, they are highly polished inside, and the balls are selected one by one to match exactly the specs.

You could also just get the crank webs with no rods and assemble yourself, or just the bearings, or just whatever: no problems, but this case you'll pay "whatever" spare parts at full price, the special offer only applies to complete kits.


Replacement parts

Yes, spares will be available. Differently than other kits that has been floating on the Gammalist, in case you break something replacement parts are available for every component up to any single nut or washer and they will be available for years.



I "guess" they will do some warranty on their parts (will check); on my side, I mean to replace the gamma-variant parts in case they break and the fault is obviously mine (do not charge me with your mistakes in case you run with no oil etc. etc. etc.)



I can take the risk to run small batches of relatively inexpensive things, like e.g. bearings, if enough people writes me and is serious about it.

If instead you want expensive things like e.g. the cranks, I need you send me half money in advance before actually start a batch. In this case I'll commit myself to either have the stuff made within six months (hopefully much less) or fully refund your money in case I'm not able to deliver in time.

In case you are suspicious about the "six months" statement, you may want to clarify why it took so long to make the first prototype and why it will be faster making more stuff. Plus, here is some stuff than can be made.