New Technology for the RG500




This page hosts an ongoing project which goal is to give new life to the RG engine via 54.4 mm stroke cranks and modern cylinders.



The project is carried on with the collaboration of SGM Engines; all the parts in the conversion kit are either their standard parts or RG-adapted variants of their parts, designed following their directions and manufactured by them with the same materials and procedures used for their own ones.
This ensures all the parts in the kit are modern, state-of-the-art design and quality. They are highly performant, reliable and durable and also reasonably priced if compared with other products in same category.


Please Note: SGM contact info is purposefully omitted. SGM is a factory, not a dealer, and they don't want to be contacted by private persons. For information, questions, assistance, etc. on the RG conversion kit, write to this address:


Ensure you've read the above Note at least twice, then proceed for further information about the kit.


The kit is basically made of two main subparts: the cranks and the cylinders. The cranks were already prototyped and are near to production; the cylinders prototype is expected to come true in a few days.
The reason cylinders' development is a little behind the cranks, is that the cranks were a prerequisite for the cylinders and got a higher priority in the initial part of the project. Now that the cranks do exist, cylinders raised their priority and will be ready soon.


The new cranks' features
The new cylinders' features
Other RG parts that can be done



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