Parts I need and want for the RGV500 Conversion


I am buying most or you could say all the parts I need for the RGV500 conversion off a very smart person named Mark Drysdale, who designed and manufactured the below bits and pieces for the conversion.  Check out the links to the website where these parts are, the website is owned by another smart man called Mark Dent, he designed the water injection he uses on his own bike, also on this page is the exhaust development he is undertaking.  Check out the site for heaps of info and parts on RG500 and the RGV500 conversion.

This is a picture of my actual parts before Mark Drysdale sent them to me, as you can see they are half packed.


engine_mount_kit.jpg (33302 bytes)  engine_mount_kit_installed.jpg (30583 bytes) Engine mounting kit.  more info

shift_shaft_support.jpg (43679 bytes)  shift_shaft_installed.jpg (40494 bytes) Shift Shaft Support.  more info

cush_drive.jpg (7919 bytes) Billet Cush Drive.  more info

seat_support.jpg (40843 bytes)  seat_support_installed.jpg (368781 bytes) Seat Support Unit.  more info

disc_valve_covers_for_TMX.jpg (16761 bytes) disc_valve_covers.jpg (65193 bytes) Disc Valve Covers.  more info

Mikuni TMX 35 carbs.  more info

clutch_cover1.jpg (90247 bytes) clutch_cover2.jpg (85332 bytes) clutch_cover3.jpg (23378 bytes) Billet 2 piece clutch cover.  more info

BDK Engineering Adjustable SAEC - more info

The first is Fren Tubo Kevlar Brake Lines.  more info  I am also going to get some cross drilled discs.  The second is Goodridge Braided brake lines, which I am also thinking about.  more info

Harrison Billet 6 piston calipers.  These brakes should do the job as each piston has its own pad, therefore the braking force is greater than one single pad.  more info

 These are the exhausts Mark Dent is developing for his RG500, but I am buying Jolly Moto Pipes that are already modified for the RGV500 conversion by Mark Drysdale.

I would like to get a Ohlins rear shock, and a Steering damper.  more info

This tacho is really good because it has many features such as 3 stage shift light, digital speedo and odometer, can measure SS 1/4 mile and 0-60mph.  more info

Full race, lightweight fully adjustable clip-ons.  more info

Dymag 5 spoke wheels.  more info

Digi - Digital Gear Indicator

  Galfer Wave brake discs.  more info