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I have used the standard RGV forks for a little over a year now and was wanting an upgrade in handling and adjustability and aesthetics.  So I have chosen to drill the stock discs and mount GSX-R 1000 K3 model forks and radial brakes.





 disc002.jpg (45116 bytes) disc001.jpg (60809 bytes) discchamfer.jpg (60919 bytes)

The disc is noticeably lighter and looks better and for a cheap price as well, better then getting factory drilled discs for like $350AUS each.  I payed a tenth of that for this mod.  It is quality work as you can see each hole has been chamfered.  The disc was crafted by Brad McKinney of Bradco Custom Machine.  He is located at 106 Miller Lane, Leitchfield KY 42754 USA.  His email address is bradco@kynet.net  He is a top guy and was more than helpful, he walked me through the whole process and will make you anything really, not to mention the best prices.  Why else would I send my stuff half way around the world, great service and prices to match.  If you haven't notice this is a shameless plug.  He also did the spacers also shown on this page.



discdesign001.jpg (44208 bytes) discdesign002.jpg (35603 bytes)

I was thinking about the below designs for the disc, but chose the more scattered pattern.  If the disc is drilled with scattered holes that would be a bad thing as the disc will become unbalanced and cause ill effects on the front end.  As you can see though this scattered pattern is just that, a pattern, so the disc is balanced all the way round.






forks001.jpg (61295 bytes) forks002.jpg (77878 bytes)

The forks are obviously a different size to that of the RGV forks so adaptors will have to be made.  To do this I just took every measurement I could and wrote it down on paper.  Doing this really made it clear what size the new adaptors/spacers have to be.



spacers001.jpg (95945 bytes)

Here are the spacers and axle adaptors.  These were also made by Brad McKinney of Bradco Custom Machine :-).  The spacers will replace the standard speedo pickup and the other spacer which is actually shown, the replacement spacer was not made at the time this photo was taken.  The axle adaptors fit great and work very well.  This means that I will not have to use a different wheel or a new axle or bearings.  The adaptors saves me so much hassle.



stress.jpg (134041 bytes)

When I bought the GSX-R front end the guy said that the top yoke could not be used.... NO SHIT !!!  Click on the pic above and take a closer look at the damage to the top clamp.  There are stress cracks where the barrel is.... well look at it.



forkscompare001.jpg (122383 bytes)

The shot below illustrates the length of the RGV and the GSX-R forks.  Looks like they are almost exactly the same.



frontend001.jpg (77300 bytes)

This is just a sneak peak what the bike will look like with the new front end.


This is how the bike is looking at the moment with the yokes on and the forks in place, excellent stuff!


The bike complete.  Looks awesome to me !!





yokes004.jpg (84725 bytes)

Above is the basic design of what my yokes will look like.  They have an adjustable offset of 30-35mm, the (not sure what you call it) centre of shock to centre of shock is going to be 203mm.  The standard RGV is 205mm, top fork clamp is 50mm and bottom fork clamp is 52mm.  On the new yokes the top will be 50mm and the bottom is 54mm.



yokes002.jpg (36053 bytes) yokes003.jpg (37864 bytes) 

I am getting a set that will look almost exactly the same as these.  The top yoke will not be curved up as shown in the pic.  The curve lowers the forks to raise the front end which slows down the steering.  The owner of these yokes has a 25mm shorter swing arm which is a bit tank slap happy.



yokes005.jpg (62115 bytes) yokes006.jpg (127234 bytes)

These are my yokes in the process of being made.  The top yoke does not have the cut out as the other pictures show, good reason for it though, extra strength.  You can notice that it will have 5 different inserts to adjust the, not sure what its called email me if you know, the distance between the forks and the stem.   The yokes and stem should be done very soon and then the GSX-R front end will be in place.



Here are pictures of the final product.  Awesome stuff by Martin!  You can contact Martin through his website.



leftcaliper.jpg (36918 bytes) rightcaliper.jpg (33021 bytes)

As I mentioned above the fork to fork will have to be 203mm.  I have mounted the forks to the wheel using just the top yoke which is the standard RGV unit which is 205mm.  As you can see from the pics above the callipers on each side are pointing more towards the outside of the discs.  So reducing by 2mm should get the callipers more towards the centre of the discs.






brakes001.jpg (25961 bytes) brakes002.jpg (32860 bytes)

The first picture shows that the radial brakes are working with 320mm discs as you can see it is using 10mm spacers to radially lift the calliper to match the diameter of the disc.  These GSX-R brakes are designed for 300mm discs.  I have 295mm discs on my RGV but since the disc area on the RGV is huge the calliper still fits ok.



tokico6pot.jpg (24368 bytes)

I have a set of Hyabusa brakes which fit the standard RGV fork bottoms and discs perfectly.  I think I am going to sell them when I get the radial brakes working.  I bought these on eBay but then saw the GSX-R front end and had to have it.






These are other products offered by Martin through his website.  Jack-up plates and rear sets look great and have a functional use on the bike.