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This is the seat sub-frame, unmodified then modified for the Jolly Moto exhausts.

 subframe001.jpg (116971 bytes) subframe002.jpg (103857 bytes) seat_subframe001.JPG (122125 bytes)

As you can see pretty much anything hanging off the top railing needed to be cut off.  The first thing I did was to cut off the support for the rear pegs so I can gain much more access to the section where both beams meet.  Also the bracket that holds the brake fluid reservoir needs to be cut off otherwise the exhaust will hit it.  The last picture shows what it looks like installed.



exhaust_mount002.jpg (78222 bytes) fuel_tank_mounting_holes001.jpg (85660 bytes) seat_subframe002.jpg (82038 bytes)

The first picture shows the brackets I made for the exhausts before I checked the mounting holes for the tank.  The second picture shows that this was a mistake on my part and the holes did not line up at all.  The last picture shows that the holes for the seat support needed to be redrilled a bit further back on the seat sub frame rails.



exhaust_mount003.jpg (81728 bytes) seat_subframe003.jpg (80750 bytes)

As you can see the exhaust brackets have disappeared and the clamps are bolted straight on to the seat sub frame rails.  The rails needed to be lowered about 15-20mm, almost an inch, and then the tank holes lined up fine.  The way this was done was by shaving the contact point on the seat support where it makes contact with the shock mount.  I shaved it at a slight angle and it fits prefect now.  Although I was advised by Mark Drysdale this this could be fixed by taking a bit of metal off the shock mount, because Suzuki don't make these things exactly on every bike, I did not do this as there was not much metal to play with. The exhausts come about 5mm away from the rails which is ok but the tail had to be modified so it would fit, see the Body Work page for pictures.  You can also see from the last picture that welding on the top 2 mounts only takes place on the top and down the inside of the mounts, click on the pic for a closer look.



exhaust_mount001.jpg (72294 bytes)

The front cylinder exhausts are rubbing up against the foot peg.  When the peg is off the exhaust rise about 15mm.  I am letting the guys at the bike shop take care of this, I will get them to make a bracket or a clamp of some sort to hold the exhausts away from the foot peg.




This is the frame and what the grinder needs to go to work on.


rear_engine_mounts001.jpg (80707 bytes) rear_engine_mounts002.jpg (98337 bytes) rear_engine_mounts003.jpg (66010 bytes) rear_engine_mounts004.jpg (70841 bytes) frame001.jpg (42412 bytes) frame002.jpg (72011 bytes) frame003.jpg (75565 bytes) subframe_mounts.jpg (76089 bytes)

As you can see the two engine mounts hanging off the cross beam there need to be ground off and the beam made smooth, so the top rear engine mounts can be welded in place.  Also the seat sub frame mounts and the engine sub frame mounts can be ground down smooth as they will not be used, this is not necessary but the frame overall will look a lot better.




This is where the frame needs to be ground down a little for the clutch cover.


clutch_cover001.jpg (78020 bytes) clutch_cover002.jpg (93132 bytes) clutch_cover003.jpg (72236 bytes)

clutch_mark001.jpg (121192 bytes) clutch_mark002.jpg (69026 bytes) clutch_cover004.JPG (33233 bytes) clutch_cover005.JPG (38296 bytes)

This is the clutch cover I bought from Mark Drysdale, the red area marked out is a rough idea of what I need to cut back about 3/8 of an inch.  This will help the motor fit in nice and snug and there is no surprise when you try and fit the motor.  Mark sent me some pictures of his frame and I must admit that these helped a lot.  I used these pictures as a guide and you can see what I cut out of my frame.  It looks a bit different, but that's only because I have a circle in the middle of my webbing on the frame, so the frames are slightly different.  I used a 3/8 spanner to mark out a line on the frame, and I used that as a guide as well.  As you can see from the last 2 pictures, my frame looks a bit more cut out than Mark's frame, but you have to grind away until it fits and in my case this is how it was.





rear_engine_mounts005.jpg (31588 bytes)

When you slide the engine in the frame you need to have the top engine mount bracket NOT bolted to the engine mount with the 2 bolts, but you will need to place the long engine mount bolt through the bracket and through the mounting holes on the engine itself.  Once the motor is lined up and in place then slide the bolt through the other engine mount that was welded in place and bolt the bracket on to the engine mount with the 2 bolts.  The red marked lines are where the welding should take place otherwise the bracket will not fit in place the and engine wont slide past the welds and the holes will not line up.




Powder Coating


frame004.jpg (99073 bytes) swingarm001.jpg (76657 bytes)

frame005.jpg (134872 bytes) frame006.jpg (124643 bytes)

The frame, swing arm, upper fairing mount, head light mount, seat support, rear seat sub frame was powder coated Satin Black.  The wheels were powder coated in Gloss Black.  The bike looks awesome I think with a red engine bolt kit and the red brake lines, will have to get a red brake line for the rear though.