This graph shows 2 runs with the PV's not working.  Once in hi rpm mode and once in low rpm mode.  You can clearly see that the switching point for the PV's to kick in would be 8100rpm.  My PV's were not closing at any point.  I tested this by applying 12v to the actuator and they were trying to spin closed but they were restricted somehow.  In the end it was the bolts holding in the PV's, were too tight!  I loosened them off and applying 12v to the Pink and Grey wires of the Actuator made them turn either way freely.  So they turn freely when power is applied, great!  Connecting this all back up and running the bike again on the dyno and nothing, they weren't turning again.  I know they spin freely so it must be that the trigger point from the Exhaust Controller was not being sent.  I have an Adjustable PV Controller.  It has a dial on it and I can set where I want toe exhausts to flip closed.  I set it to 6000rpm and tested it again, nothing.  I used the little trim pot on the back of the adjustable unit and turned it all the way one way and then all the way the other way, nothing!  I then checked if the Actuator was getting the signal to spin the PV's from the Controller.   The way I tested this was again using the Pink and Grey wires from the Controller now and seeing if the voltage increased when past 6000rpm which I set earlier.  I am not getting the signal I was looking for.  I have a mate sending me a spare standard Exhaust Controller and I will see how that turns out and I will know if it is my Adjustable Controller or if it is not getting the signal further down the chain.   The highest output from the day was 127hp, with out tuning as you can see it is running a bit lean.  But the graph above shows 96hp and then 125hp, very nice.  Since the last 124hp (tuned) run I have added straight cut gears and have advanced the timing 5 degrees.  More to come.......  I have another dyno run booked in 2 weeks, awesome, can't wait !!!




This run was just an indication of what was going on in my engine.  I later found out that the power valves were not switching to hi rpm mode and they were in backwards, meaning the nipple on the inner bit or the valve was facing the exhaust port, when in fact it should be facing the cylinder to work properly.




rgv500_dyno004.jpg (58731 bytes) rgv500_dyno005.jpg (58352 bytes)

This dyno run was after my engine was rebuilt by myself and obviously had a new top end done.  The bike is now making 124hp, which I am very surprised with and also pleased and excited, can't wait for the next track day.  I am now using 16/43 ratios as the bike did hit top speed before the end of the straight, this should hopefully rectify the problem.  The second graph has a red line plotted through it which I did according to the last 110hp dyno run just so it's easy to see the difference.




rgv500_dyno002.jpg (91073 bytes)  rgv500_dyno003.jpg (88653 bytes)

This is the final dyno run (it had 42 runs on the dyno) and it is now making 110hp, with a pretty good torque curve.  You can also see where it was wheel spinning on the dyno.  If you are wondering I am running 15,43 sprocket ratio,  I will see how this goes and might change it if I run out of speed down the main straight at Eastern Creek.  I know it will be good for wheelies though :-)



rgv500_dyno001.jpg (56124 bytes)

This dyno run is of the RGV with the RG500 motor in it.  It is making 89hp, but as explained in the updates page the tuning was not the best and the main jets were 350 when they should have been 300.



This dyno run is of the 250 motor in the RGV before I took it out.  As can be seen it is making 60hp after re-jetting and custom end cans and lower gearing.