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Radiator Air Duct


air_duct001.jpg (80260 bytes) air_duct002.jpg (69159 bytes)

This is the air duct before I cut the thing up.  This had to be done cause the exhausts were hitting it and the radiator.  You can see where I have marked this out, this was just an estimate of where I really needed to cut.  I then cut back bit by bit as I needed to until everything fit.  It ended up as shown below, this is cut up quite a lot but on my bike it had to be done.

air_duct003.jpg (69490 bytes) air_duct004.jpg (72406 bytes)




Side Fairing


both_fairings001.jpg (66033 bytes) leftside_fairing001.jpg (72855 bytes) leftside_fairing002.jpg (85987 bytes)

You can see that the side fairings did not meet at the bottom in the middle as they are supposed to.

I had to cut holes in the side fairings to allow the carbs to poke through a little and the fairings come together quite nice but they are still not perfect.  I will have to see what else is touching and see if I think it is worth cutting some more fairing off.  I can get the fairings to touch but it is a tight fit, meaning the fairing is not in its original shape, it is warped if you know what I mean.



sidepanelrepair.jpg (95237 bytes)

As you can see I have decided against the holes in the fairing as it was the wrong choice to have them hanging out, as when I low sided the bike it tore off the air filters and sucked up dirt into the motor.  I called up UniFilter Australia and got them to make me some custom air filters to my specs and they did a good job.  They measure; Flange 63mm ID, height 30mm from rubber, 115mm diameter, 16mm flange length.



airfilter.jpg (20236 bytes) airfilter1.jpg (37946 bytes)

After mounting the faring back on with the holes closed up I decided that the fairing have to have some sore of blisters to allow for the extra room needed to be taken up by the UniFilters.  The fairings are with a mate at the moment getting the work done to allow for more room.  As you can see from the above pictures the faring sits way too close to the carbs.




Side Fairing Blisters


blisters001.jpg (73098 bytes) blisters002.jpg (42577 bytes) blisters003.jpg (40061 bytes)

blisters004.jpg (33301 bytes)  blisters005.jpg (94900 bytes)

I am trying out a new thing with my fairing to see how the bike performs with blisters.  Holes were cut in the fairing to allow the filters to stick out.  The first thing to do it using some masking tape to cover the filters as shown and then in pic 2 you can see how the tape has been cut into a smooth shape.  Fibre glass is then placed on top of all of that and then sanded down to give a smooth enough type of finish.  The last step is to apply niki, don't know if that's how you spell it but it is bog basically and then that is sanded down as well to give it a final smooth finish.  The last pic is not the best detail but you can see that the fairing does bulge out a bit and more so on the lower filter to provide good clearance.  This is not the final job for this part of the fairing and was quickly painted over.  I am going to test this in the coming weeks to see how the engine handles the filters in that position and also they are touching the fairing in some spots.

Stay tuned for a full report on the blisters and how the custom Uni Filters perform.


blisters006.jpg (32952 bytes) 

The Uni Filters sit right up against the fairing, but that might not be too much of a problem as I will test this and see how they perform.  Although I think that I will need to either drill some holes or come up with some sort of better air induction.  I do have some standard RG air induction pipes, but the opening for the mouth of the carbs is too small so I will have to try and get it to fit the TMX 62mm openings.




Tail Section


tail_section004.jpg (88508 bytes)

This is how the tail sat before I realised that the tank holes did not line up.  See the Frame page for more info.


tail_section005.jpg (75367 bytes)

The tail section has turned out to be really nice and neat.  I have managed to mount the LED brake light and the small indicators on a small panel that can be easily removed for track days.


tail_section001.jpg (19411 bytes) tail_section002.jpg (61001 bytes) tail_section003.jpg (32385 bytes)

When I lowered the seat sub frame to make the tank holes line up, the tail hit the cans.  I cut the fairing along the styling line on the tail, as can be seen on the first 2 pictures.  The tail then dropped into place and I think it looks ok.  I am thinking of installing some black mesh of some sort to cover up the under tail.